List of Top 10 Tablet PC Manufacturers in China

In today’s global market, Chinese manufacturers are making about 80 percent of the tablet computers that are sold around the world.

Besides Foxconn, the original design manufacturer (ODM) of the iPad, BYD Electronics, the ODM of HP slate, and Asus, the rising star in tablet PC industry, there are a variety of factories that supply tablet PCs, offering competitive prices and reliable quality.

Here is the list of the top 10 tablet PC manufacturers in China; some of these companies dominate the local Chinese market, and some are ODMs focusing on overseas markets like India, Malaysia, Singapore, USA, UK and Europe. A significant number of them are located in Shenzhen city, where the ecosystem is the most mature.



1. Lenovo

Headquarter: Beijing, China

As the second-biggest PC maker, Lenovo knows the potential of mobile computing. Its heavy investment in smart phones and tablets has brought a satisfying return: Lenovo now tops the list of the largest smart phone manufacturers and has sold more tablet PCs in China than any other company. Further, it is believed that Lenovo is going to continue this success abroad.



Headquarter: Beijing, China

Eben is an experienced veteran in tablet PC manufacturing. On January 7, 2010 (twenty days before the introduction of iPad), Eben release its first model T1, then positioned as a mobile computer with a handwriting input system. Since then, it has kept a significant share in the domestic business tablet market, where handwriting and signature recognition technologies are more desirable than in the consumer electronics market.



Headquarter: Shenzhen, China

As a former iPad knock-off maker, Vido has established its own brand, Yuandao. It designed the first quad core tablet under $163 (or RMB 1000) and gained a significant share in the Chinese local market.


4.Kilwa Tablet

Headquarter: Shenzhen, China

Kilwa Tablet was originally an MID (mobile Internet device) manufacturer. After the release of the first iPad, Kilwa turned to tablets and gained huge success, especially in ODM/OEM business. Its products are sold in South America, Europe and India with OEM brands.



Headquarter: Shenzhen, China

Soulx was a leading manufacturer of MP4 players, a market that has been destroyed by the tablet PC. Understandably, Soulx cast itself into this new industry. Popular local actor Eric Tsang was contracted as their image ambassador, which helped a lot in their marketing.



Headquarter: Guangzhou, China

Founded in 1999, Telcast has a wide range of products, mainly in consumer electronics. With its mature distribution and service network all over China, Telcast has also gained a good reputation among tablet consumers.



Headquarter: Guangzhou, China

Established in 2011, FNF (Five and Five) is a newcomer to the industry and caters to younger generations. Consumers under the age of 25 do not expect high CPU power or a lot of memory, but instead want a wide selection of outer colors, nice earphones and a high-resolution screen, all of which are features that FNF delivers.



Headquarter: Shenzhen, China

Livefan is "Your expert on mobile devices,” with a product line ranging from portable power banks and car navigation systems to Android tablet PCs and Windows tablet PCs. Livefan is also an ODM, making consumer electronics for multiple well-known brands.



Headquarters: Shenzhen, China

Coltech focuses on the Eastern European market. It gained success to some degree in Ukraine and Turkey via its cooperation with local distributors.



Headquarter: Shenzhen, China

Founded in 2009, SIGO Technology's product portfolio covers tablet PCs, media players (MP3, MP4, and MP5), portable battery packs, PSPs and mini portable speakers.


There are about 200 other tablet PC manufacturers all over the world as well as thousands of components suppliers.


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