Student Property Cities In The UK

UK is one of the most powerful countries of the world in terms of education. Even though Brexit creates a debate for EU citizens, UK is still attractive for EU and outside of Europe countries for education. In UK, there are some top universities of the world and the country is announced as the best place for student property in every year. After deciding to study in United Kingdom, many students want to know student property cities in the UK. According to last data and experts’ opinions, here is a list of the most preferred cities in UK for student property.

Best Places to Invest in Student Property


Bristol is an attractive education center for many students. Bristol University is ranked in the top ten university list in the UK and that’s why it is really preferred by students in UK. Unemployment rate in Bristol is clearly low comparing other parts of UK and this result also affect student’s selection. Bristol is generally known for art departments but the city also offers different kind of faculties for students.

In terms of student property, the city has 51,000 students. For accommodation, the city can only offer 7000 students’ accommodation. That’s why it is a good place to invest in student property. Lower Asley Road is an area that most of the accommodation places are located on. In the area, the prices start with £89 950 and with 8 % yield rate which is guaranteed for 3 years.


Nottingham with its 70 000-student population is the most important student cities of UK. The city is located in the middle of England and transportation system of the city is developed. That’s why the city is preferred by thousands of students every year.Article 4 direction law is applied in Nottingham and it affected the student property of the city last 6 years. The law created new demand for student housing and construction.

To invest in student property, Nottingham is definitely a good destination. The government support investor to invest in student housing with good credits and conditions. Also, the prices in Nottingham increase rapidly for housing. That is clear that any investment in Nottingham’s student housing will be profitable in next years.

Is still profitable to invest in student property in UK?

There are a lot of questions and misconceptions about student property in UK after Brexit happened. Even though a decrease is seen after Brexit, an increase is happened with the rate of 4 % from Asian countries like Hong Kong, China and Singapore.

Last studies, data and surveys obviously show that UK is still a one of the top places of the world for student property. The data gives to real estate experts the student value and property will be in increase in the near future.Investing rate in student property in UK is still high and the government tries to increase that rate with good investment programs. To invest in student housing, anyone can be used these programs and start to a new profitable business.